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    Server Communication lost

    Michael Jordan

      Hi all,

      We are using Named user cal's for accesing Qlikview Files. Now the cal's are being shared by a no of user's , who are sharing those cal's among themselves. Now Suppose when one user is using a cal & the same cal is used to open the same file by another user. The second user get's access to the file , giving the first user a message "Server Communication Lost". But ideally the second user should get a message that the cal is being used by another user.

      Does anyone have a solution for that. Thank's in advance.





        • Server Communication lost
          Since you are using a Named User CAL, each user is supposed to have different Names. But as you are sharing the Names as well, it is quite evident that the last user will get access to the document, since he has got the required license to access the document. This will result in communication loss for the first user. If you want to avoid this, either you have to avoid sharing same Names across users, or you will have to go for a different type of CAL, say Usage CAL.
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              John Witherspoon

              I could be wrong, but I don't think named CALs were intended to be used this way anyway. We have a number of named CALs, but they are used by those named users. We also have, I forget the technical term, but a pool of CALs that can be used by anyone accessing the documents. We can still get the "server communication lost" mesage, but I've always assumed it was a timeout, as we only very rarely use up the entire pool of CALs.

              In any case, I'm not sure I'm able to help here. It sounds like you want a custom error message, and I have no idea if it can be customized, or is just hardcoded into the product.

            • Server Communication lost
              Bill Britt


              User Cals are for one user and not to share between different users (even if you use the same login). If you need to share you need session Cals. QVS looks at you IP as well as login. The second user will always take the Cal from the first user. QVS knows you have login from a different machine and closes the connection to the first.