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    Plugin installed, but does not show up in IE

      We're experiencing a General Problem with the QV ActiveX Plugin.

      Although installed in the same way on all our machines, some browsers refuse to handle qvw documents. I checked the extensions list of one of these machines, and QV doesn't show up.

      Is there something we might have done wrong? It works for most machines, so it can hardly be a misconfiguration, can it?

      Thanks a lot in advance / Best wishes



        • Plugin installed, but does not show up in IE

          We're having the same problem. The machine in question is a Windows Server 2008 x86 Standard with Internet Explorer 8. It's running Terminal Services and Citrix Xenapp 5. Our Qlikview server is listed as a trusted site and Protected mode is turned off. The plugin is version 8.50.6299.5.

          I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it via remote desktop, citrix published desktop and local console. I've tried as a domain admin and as the machines local admin. I've tried installing it for all users and for the current user only. I've tried running the installer both in execute and install mode.

          All with the same result:

          No errors, the plugin just doesn't show up in Internet Explorer.

          At this point, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


            • Plugin installed, but does not show up in IE
              Joachim Rogginer

              Just an idea: is IE8 already officially supported by QlikView (8.5)?


              can you make out a different behavior depending on browser version?


                • Plugin installed, but does not show up in IE


                  since our it guideline forbids browsers other than IE6, we can't test other browsers on the machine in question.
                  But as a result of the same guideline, we all use the same browser - QV working for some but failing to work for a
                  handful of others.

                  I just contacted support, and here's what they propose:
                  Register QlikOcx.ocx (regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\QlikView\QlikOcx\qlikocx.ocx")
                  Register qvp.dll (regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\QlikView\QvProtocol\qvp.dll")
                  Add the Serveradresse to "Trusted Sites"

                  I'll write a short note after I tried this.



                    • Plugin installed, but does not show up in IE


                      We are having a similar issue to this using 9.00 SR2 currently. I have read the comments about using Register etc. but given that we have quite a diverse Global audience, and we can not guarantee that all users will be able to do this, so it is a bit of a non-starter.

                      We have tried, firewall settings, local machine protection settings etc, but the different experiences by individual PCs on the same network is really strange.

                      Our symptom is that using IE Plugin causes the file to hang during opening. AJAX and Java work perfectly. We have discovered that copying and pasting the URL back in to the address bar and refreshing a second time sometimes works and we have also discovered the the login credential boxes can be found by minimizing the IE window. Some other times they are not there at all.

                      Adding the site to secure sites makes no difference either. Other than contact support does anyone have any experience of this that could shed some light?



                    • Plugin installed, but does not show up in IE

                      I haven't been able to find out one way or another. The consultant that is here helping us upgrade our server installation seems to think so.

                      I've tried a few more combinations. Internet Explorer 8 on XP runs fine. As does Internet Explorer 7 on Server 2008. it seems the combination of Internet Explorer 8 and server 2008 is the problem in our case.

                      I've also tried now to register the components by hand as per Sebi's post without any sucess.


                  • Plugin installed, but does not show up in IE

                    When we were using the plugin we had issues with the plugin not running with ie 7 on windows vista.