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    Break line in Combo Chart

      Hi Qliks!

      In the enclosed application I have a combo chart. Eventually I want my chart to show Actuals YTD, Plan FY and finally the variance YTD.

      Problem: How do I stop the variance line from calculating after the month selected = YTD variance?

      Thanks in advance!

      Lars Madsen

        • Break line in Combo Chart
          John Witherspoon

          Here's one way:

          if(Month,[Plan FY]-[Actual YTD])

          It works because Month only has a value for the selected values, and any value other than 0 is considered to be true.


            • Break line in Combo Chart

              Hi John!

              Thanks for you reply. Maybe I wasn't clear enough. Since I need the Variance YTD the calculation must include an accumulation. Using the standard setting in QV will not do the trick, since it will then accumulate FY.

              I guess my question is down to: "how do I build an accumulation into my calculation"

              Probably using RangeSum Stick out tongue.....



                • Break line in Combo Chart
                  John Witherspoon

                  Still not following. Is this what you mean?

                  if(Month,rangesum([Plan FY] - [Actual YTD],above([Variance YTD])))

                    • Break line in Combo Chart

                      Thanks John!

                      I did not realize that I can relate to the current calculation "Variance YTD" in the "Above" function.

                      That does the trick! - since I would like to be able to see the Actuals and Variance YTD by only selecting year and the "last" month in the YTD period (as opposed to selecting all months YTD myself) I combined your suggestion with a Set Analysis in the enclosed example.

                      Thanks again Smile

                      Lars Madsen

                      P.S. For some reason the enclosed example does only work in QV9. In E.g. 8.5.6231.5 the accumulation is not working properly!