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    QVS 9.0: access QV doc through IE Plug-in problem

      We have installed QVS 9.0 and here is the server information
      OS: windows 2003 sp2
      qvs 9.0 32bits

      Computer Name: qvs2

      This server can be access from internet (hostname: qvs2.example.com) and we are trying to open the qv doc through access point by IE plugin.
      however, the qv doc. cannot be opened as we found that the hostname is "QVS2" in a "Connect to Server" Dialog box.
      error loading image

      error loading image
      error loading image


      As the public computer cannot resolve qvs2, (they can resolve qvs2.example.com), so document cannot be opened. We have tried to change all the hostname in enterprise console to qvs2.example.com but the dialog box still shown "QVS2" (the computer name).

      Anyone can help me?