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    QV9 AccessPoint - Setting up a Local Account for Login

    Mike Welham

      We are using version 9 with QlikView's own web server (i.e. not IIS).

      Our QlikView server is in a domain, and users who have logins within the domain can use the AccessPoint without any problems.

      We have some colleagues in another part of the company who need to have access to the AccessPoint but who currently do not have accounts in our domain. When they try to use the AccessPoint, they are prompted to enter a username and password.

      I have tried creating a local account on the QlikView server and using that account to get access without success. I've tried entering <qv server name>\<local account username> in the username field. After several attempts, the account gets set to locked out on the server.

      I've tried adding the account to both the administrators and QlikView administrators groups without success.

      Short of getting domain accounts set up for these users, does anybody know what I need to do to get this local account to work?