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    QV9 Small Business edition Installation - AccessPoint

    Rakesh Mehta

      Hi Experts,

      I am installing QV9 server first time. I have 3 questions, if you can answer for me. Thanks for your help.

      1. In the QV9 AccessPoint all the QVW applications are shown altogether in one page, unlike in 8.5 where you could create folders and hierarchies. Is it possible to create folders in AccessPoint in v9.0? I am using Small Buisiness QV Server.

      2. It was possible in 8.5 to take the check box "Browsable" out and the file will not be displayed in AccessPoint . Now in V9 it is still displayed and document says this checkbox has nothing do with AccessPoint anymore and only applicable if you are opening QV document with Developer client using "Open at server". Any possibilities to hide documents on the AccessPoint?

      3. If all above not possible with AccessPoint, I know we can create document categories (hierarchies) in publisher and arrange folders/documents that way. But when I open Management Console, I do not see a "Publisher" tab. Is it not there because of Small Business version of QVS? Or I missed to install something?

      Thanks you guys for your help, as always.