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    Add Cals to server

      Hi all,

      We have QV Server license with 30 Cal's. We need to add 10 more Cals. How to do that?

      Should we ask for other different QV Server license number?


        • Add Cals to server
          Kuldeep Tak


          You will have to buy 10 more licenses.


          Thanks & Best Regards,

          Kuldeep Tak

          • Add Cals to server
            Jim Harder

            Hi, the answers below are correct, however you do have the option of purchasing a Session Cal and Usage Cals. This may be a more efficient way to get more users and more bang for the buck. Will all 40 users be power user, meaning they will be in the application for the bulk of the work day? The Session Cal and Usage Cal combination does a great job in supporting a larger user base that may only have intermittent access requirement. Are you planning on adding more users after you get up to 40? The best may be to talk with your QT sales rep or reseller and get their council as well. Best of luck.