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    Generating tag clouds in Qlikview



      Hi all,

      We're looking to generate tag clouds in Qlikview. Basically, one way we found is similar to the Presidents.qvw example. We use a trigger OnAnySelect which exports data to an external application that computes the tag cloud and generates an image file in a directory. We pass the path to that image in the edit script using info load, and we display in a text box object by writing the expression =info(Photo). Our issue is that when our external application generates a new image overwriting the previous one (same filename but different image content), that new image is not updated in the Qlikview text box object.

      We also tried not using info load statement, nor loading the image in the Photo field but rather only writing the path to the image file in the expression box of the text box object. That yields the same results. We also did experiments such as remove the text object and creating a new one, changing the filename and then going back to the previous one, reloading. None of these solve the problem.

      However, closing and opening Qlikview did update the image in the text box. The main issue seems to be that image file is stored in memory somewhere. We think we need the ability to flush that memory unless you have another solution.

      Thank you in advance for your replies