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    QlikView SBE Configuration question


      Dear Jason,

      We have Installed Qlikview Small Business Server 9.0.7119.4 with 15 CALs(Name Based). As we have created 15 Local user on the server and configured there ids in the CAL list. Also we have IIS6.0 with the accesspoint configured properly. And we are trying to publish the documents in Intranet as well as on Internet. We are facing lot of problem with configuration. And Even any of the Web Server configuration documents are incomplet. Please guide us to configure Config.XML. file (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\QlikTech\QvWebServer\Config.xml) The default setup of configue file contains the server hostname. Which did not work so we replaces with the IP. Si it worked properly in intranet. But when we plan to publish on internet. We got Public domain and we NAT that till iis and able to get the lists of documents but when we tried to open the docs it fails( Because as we have changed the hostname in config with IP so in the open= gets ip. As we have NATed publif IP at out firewall to this server but it becomes local when try to open the document.

      Appreciate your valuable feedback.

      Thanks and Regards,
      Dasharath Patil