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    Export To Excel fails for (40K Row and 60 column) table box in Ajax Client


      We have a table box which contains all the transaction lines. When we try to export the table data to Excel via ajax client, It fails.

      I give error mentioning "Connection lost with Server" and QV session gets lost.

      However, with same qvw file, same size of data, export to excel works in Qlikview developer as well as in PlugIn client.

      I already set the export memory limit to 1GB in QV server and object calculation time out and print time out is set to 300 sec.

      Session time out parameters are set to 1800 second.

      Upon Investigation, My observations are as below.

      Qlik view session log has message saying "Socket Closed by Client"

      QlikView Event Log has message "Opening of document failed due to no Access"

      We observed http traffic with fiddler and found that, when we click on the Export to Excel button, Ajax client sends request to server and after 1 minute we get the response Session Lost, restart.

      After that we get the login page from QV server.


      I observed that in HTTP header KeepAlive connection property is set and It takes more than 2 minute on the QlikView server to generate the Excel file and after that it starts sending the streams for the XL file. Before that only, I think Browser times out the connection and session gets lost.

      Please provide solution that how to export 40K lines to Excel using Ajax client. Export to excel via Ajax client for 20k lines works fine