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    Would QV Server be suitable as a national disability register

    John-Paul Della Putta

      I am consulting to a government review panel who is looking to establish a register of a particular disability.

      There would be about 140,000 records in total and less than 100 people keying in the data. Part of the system would be open to the general public (including medical professionals) to allow for analysis and to help identify potential causes.

      I was thinking that a custom system which would allow for data entry and then perhaps use QV Server to report would be required.

      Then I thought, what about using QV as the complete system. There are only about 40 data entry fields. Additionally it isn't a high transaction volume system, about 30 to 40 new records in total added each week.

      I know there are input boxes and we could write some simple code to insert the records.

      Do you think that it would be worth trying to do it with just QV server, or I am setting myself up for a massive challenge?

      Thanks in advance for your assistance.