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      My client needs the graphs as they are, not the information, I stop to be able to spend(pass) it to a power point directly, from the application it is possible with the option to put an icon To copy image to the briefcase, and later you stick it so much in excel, in power ... but when the document you hang it on Internet, this icon is not visualized, and it(he,she) does not also give you the option to be able to copy it, me it would matter for you to solve it, since it is one of the requests that my client asks me.

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          Do you not view the icon to copy image from a graph? Are you using IE (plugin) or Mozilla (Ajax)?

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              By the way, I have the same problem.

              I am using QV Server 8.5 and the "Copy Image to Clipboard" button in the caption is not visible when displaying the report using AJAX.

              I am also testing server version 9 and it has the same problem.

              Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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                  Terje Knappen


                  Hi everyone


                  Did anyone have any luck with this problem?

                  I'm having the same problem. The icons for "copy image to clipboard" and "copy data" are not visible in the ajax client.

                  I'm running version 9.





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                      Terje Knappen

                      then of course I came across this in the manual:




                      The following general comments can be made with regard to print and

                      export of objects and data when using the QlikView AJAX ZFC

                      Functionality supported includes:

                      • The HTML page can be printed by using the Print command in MS

                      Internet Explorer. The usual rules and limitations regarding MS IE printing


                      • Chart images can be copied to clipboard or saved as any other

                      pieces of graphics on a web page.

                      Note In order to copy an object you must first put your web browser in native

                      mode by clicking SHIFT+CTRL. You can then right-click and choose Copy