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    How to share Named CAL's

    Michael Jordan

      Hi all,

      We are using Named CAL's , so that we can share it between multiple peoples. Now when one user is accessing a Qlikview File & at the same time, some other user tries to access the same file, the first user get's a message "Session is Lost " & the Second user get's the access. Is there some way to stop user's from accessing the same file with the same Named CAL ?

      Thanks in Advance.




        • How to share Named CAL's
          Cotiso Hanganu

          Hi Amar,

          What you are trying to do is to force Named CALs to be used asSession CALs.
          As far as I know the only way you can solve this is to buy additional licenses, either Named CALs or Session (concurrent) CALs.

          Sempre fi,


          • How to share Named CAL's


            Named CALs can't be shared. By defenition a Named CAL is for a single named person. QlikView will only allow one Named CAL/Machine Name to access an application at a time. When the same user name tries to access from a different machine then it knocks the first one off. This is how the license is designed. They are assigned to one user only. If you want more people to have access to the QlikView application then you either need more Named CALs, Session CALs or Usage CALs.