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    Just a desktop viewer?



      I've installed the QV Server and given access to users for their .qvw files (for AJAX, Java Plug-in, IE Plug-In and Download). My question is which edition of QV will allow users to just view the downloaded .qvw file and not alter it?


        • Just a desktop viewer?
          Joachim Rogginer

          Hi Brian,

          actually it would be the "desktop edition", but not "downloading", but only opening the files in server. I already asked support whether it's possible to show not only Java, AJAX, IE-Plugin and Download but also "Open in server" in the access point. They told me I'd have to discuss this with a QlikView consultant to customize AJAX but it was not achievable in standard. From version 9 there is no difference between Analyzer and Developer or Professional, so usually downloading means being able to alter. You can of course work with hidden scripts etc. but nevertheless the user can store and "transport" data - which we want to avoid by only wantong to allow to open in server.