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    How qlikview selection works for different user session in QV server.


      We are using QV server 9 and ajax client to access the document. As document is accessed by multiple users via AJAX ZFC client, how Qlikview document behaves in server? Does QV server open seperate instance for each user? or Does it open the document once? How selections made for one user session is manged in QV server. If an user X makes some selection in the document, if user Y logs in, will he see the X's selection or default selection for document.

      The reason I am asking this question is, we have added some trigger action in document properties to make selection in some field based on user access. trigger is added on Open Document.

      This works fine in QV desktop version but when we place the document on the server and diffrent users access via browser this doesn't seems to work.

      Any suggestions will be of great help.

      Thanks in advance


        • How qlikview selection works for different user session in QV server.
          Rob Wunderlich

          The document is opened once for all users. A seperate selection state is maintained for each user. The OnOpen trigger is documented as not being reliable and not recommended in the server environment.


          • How qlikview selection works for different user session in QV server.
            rick wild

            The OnOpen trigger is "...not to be used in the QlikView Server environment..." (Qlikview Reference Manual section 30.3)

            It seems to work if you use the IE Plugin client. I guess if you use the IE Plugin, you are effectively opening a local copy of the document as you would with desktop qlikview. It doesn't seem to fire with the Java or Ajax client.

            On the other hand:

            "The following triggers will work as usual in the QlikView Server environment regardless of which client is used:

            If one of these events takes place before you need to control your selection, you could trigger your macro from there.

            I'm building a welcome page which will have messages and disclaimers, and a big 'Continue' button that executres a macro determining which sheets a user can see.

            If anyone knows a better solution, please let us know!