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    Need help with AJAX ZFC pages

    Evgenij Chernyshov


      Hi !


      I'm trying to create QlikView AJAX ZFC pages with Page Generator. Version of QlikView and QVs is 9. I'm using QlikView WEB server.

      Typing to the text box:

      Target Folder for Pages: C:\Program Files\QlikView\Web\web;

      URL: qvp://ew2003qws/Sample/CCs.qvw;


      In the Management Console , tab User Documents I'm choosing source .qvw (CCs.qvw) and in the section Accesspoint access methods typing URL: http://ew2003qws/qlikview/web/CCs_ajax/ .


      And if I try to open this URL in browser I have this error :

      Failed to open document, You don't have access to this document

      But when I put to the IE (with plug-in): qvp://ew2003qws/Sample/CCs.qvw the document was opened.

      Where is my mistake and how can I see the generated pages ?


      Any suggestions will be of great help.


      Thanks in advance.