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    Exclude data and them put them in another place


      I have a database which contains various products sorted by warehouse.

      Warehouse A : Phones, laptops, desktops, flatscreens

      Warehouse B: Tables, chairs, buildings

      Warehouse C: Cars

      I want to create a fictive warehouse in Qlikview and call it Warehouse D. In this fictive warehouse I want to store all phones. So I want to remove it from warehouse A and put in in warehouse D without changing my original database,

      I'm guesing something like, select * from warehouse where product = NOT phones and then running a different script to put them in the other warehouse?

      I've managed to exclude the phones from warehouse A with a script but what's the next step? Next I've created a new codeline where I exclude everything BUT the phones. I don't know how to put that selection as a new Warehouse?

      Anyone can help?