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    Log Out Functionality



      I'm curious as to why there is not a Log Out button on the QVS Ver9.

        • Log Out Functionality

          This is what I used to do. Add a button in the sheet to 'Close the document' with the function 'Close the active QlikView Document'. User can close whenever he/she want.


            • Log Out Functionality

              That works, but when you are in the web environment, it closes the document but leaves the browser open. Then you refresh the browser and it opens the doc right back up.

              I would love to see actual log out functionality that will close the document and return to a different page in the same window. I am using the close action, and open url with the "same window" option checked in 9.0 SR5 but it opens the login.htm in a separate tab and i can't work around that.

              Any help is appreciated.