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    Take individual fields and group them under one field.

    Neena Bhattarai


      I have 12 individual fields I am pulling in from Oracle. They are label Sales1, Sales2, Sales3,....etc. Each field have the sales value of a month. So Sales1 is Jan. and Sales2 is Feb and so on....I want to change the name of each field to the correct month and then I want each of the months to be grouped under 1 field so it would look like this:

      Month                          This is how it looks now

      Jan                                          Sales1

      Feb                                          Sales2

      Mar                                          Sales3      

      Apr                                          Sales4

      May                                         Sales5      

      Jun                                          Sales6      

      Jul                                           Sales7               

      Aug                                         Sales8     

      Sep                                         Sales9    

      Oct                                         Sales10           

      Nov                                        Sales11            

      Dec                                        Sales12                     


      I am trying to write an expression so that the Sales of the Previous month is always displaying and I do not want to manually change the expression each time. So if there is a way to group the individual fields and rename them to a Month Field I could then write a simple expression. I am hoping there is a way to achieve this! Any help is very much appreciated!!