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    Mask field(s) dynamically based on OSUser() OnOpen document

    Mariel Aseron

      Need of assistance! I have an application that needs a few fields masked (or de-identified due to sensitive info), dynamically based on the User accessing the application via AccessPoint. I use an OnOpen event trigger under Documents Properties and set action SELECT IN FIELD to pre-select field, UserSelected, to OSUser(). Based on that selection, a second action is SET VARIABLE with list of associated locations.

      However, I'm not getting the expected result. The association works based on what I see when I display the fields in a listbox, but the results in the variable does not reflect the association. Weird thing is, the logic used to get list of associated locations work when used in a textbox object, but when used as part of trigger, it doesn't work. Attached is an example. Any help would be great! Thank you!