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    Custom Dimension

      - I have a Dimension which has values - {OC, FR, CFP, FC, PR, HK,............)

      - There is no value 'Joint OC / FR' (marked in RED) in the dimension.

      - I am having an expression as count(XYZ)



      - Can I get a new value in the dimension 'Joint OC and FR' (it is basically the sum of OC and FR) marked as RED and also 'Others'

      *** I have tried out resident load, renaming the column values and concatenating it with the source table. But, Here the issue is that I am getting duplicate records related to OC and FR which will impact other calculations on the dashboard.

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          Sunny Talwar

          Difficult to understand what you are trying to do. May be if you are able to share a sample with your expected output, it would be much easier to help.

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            Andrew Walker

            Hi Rishi,

                                Try this as a calculated dimension in your chart. You may need to add more field values to this if there are more values of your field than are in this script.













            'OC / FR',

            'OC / FR',






            If you want to group other field values as 'Other' add them to the Match expression and add the same number of 'Other' lines to the Pick expression that wraps it. Be careful to have the 'Other' lines in places corresponding to the values in the match statement that you want to be grouped as 'Other'.

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              Mark Little



              Another option is using a expression for each bar.




              Then label how every you like


              //edit - Well the typo was certainly a good one!