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    Passing Filter Values from one Qlik Sense app to another QS app

      Hi Forum,


      Is there any possibility to pass the filter values from one App to another App.


      Example: 1st App: If i have year wise sales revenue and the values are like

                                    Year               Sales Amount

                                    2010               100 M

                                    2011               150 M

                                    2012               200 M

                     2nd App: I have year & day wise sale amount and the values are like

                                    Year         Day                   Sale amount

                                    2010         12/10/2015          50 M

                                    2010         12/09/2015          50 M

                                    2011                ""

                                    2012                "" 


      in the first app if i select year called 2010 i should go to my detail app with the selection of 2010.