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    Authentication with QVS on domain and QvWS in DMZ


      I'm new to qlikview, and trying to set up a system where the qlikview server is a Windows 2003 domain member and the qlikview web server (not using IIS) is in a DMZ.

      I want to be able to set up users in a "Custom Directory" or something similar so that when users access the Accesspoint they're authenticated and given access to whatever documents they should see.

      Using DMS authorization, I can do the above when I create local users on the qlikview web server machine, i.e. the qlikview server seems happy to authenticate those users and then show them the documents they should be able to access. But obviously using local users on the web server isn't ideal.

      I don't want to have to create a domain in the DMZ just for customers to access our qlikview server.

      The qlikview reference manual alludes to using ticketing for this purpose, but I haven't been able to find any decent instructions on how to set this up.

      Can anyone help, or point me at documentation that explains how to achieve this kind of setup?