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    Action: Open QlikView Document Syntax

    Rick Worthy

      Hi, I am trying to connect two Qlikview documents together with a Button Object using the Action - Open QlikView Document.  It works fine if I have the other qvw in the same folder as the currently opened qvw because I simply need to reference the file name only in the Document box.  However, I am having trouble with the syntax for any document that is not in the same folder as the opened qvw.


      Lets assume the folder structure is:





      I have tried the various document properties to no success:










      I've searched high and low for any reference to the appropriate syntax for pointing the action funtion to the right folder but I just have had no luck.  The reference manual simply tells you about the action and what is does but doesn't offer any insight in to how the syntax should be formed. Also, I'm hoping the syntax for this button will work in both the full client, as well as, the AJAX client.


      I'm hoping this brilliant crowd of folks can help a brother out!  Cheers!