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    Qlikview Server 9 doesn't distribute document

      Hi everybody,

      I installed the Qlikview 9 SR1, the server has licenses to publisher and server.

      I can access the Accesspoint but cannot distribute a aplication

      the error that apper when I executed the distribution was:


      Could not connect. QVS=qvp://SL-SITUACAO-APL/

      QVS Distribution failed to distribute to QVS
      Distribution failed for resource "Central_156_QVS_1" (QlikViewServerDistributionResource). Warnings=0, Errors=6
      Distribution to resources failed with errors. Warnings=0, Errors=7
      The task "Central_156" failed. ErrorCount=8


      SL-SITUACAO-APL = My server

      Central_156 = My task


      How can I resolve this problem??

      It seems like the server doesn't connect to itself ????

      all the 4 services are on ....

      My OS is Windows Server 2008

      Thank you!