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    Qlik sense Integration in Web Page

      Hello All,

      I want to Integrate Qlik sense sheets and charts in my ASP web page. For that I am using Single Integration API and for that to work I should have a specific app id for which the sheets and charts have to be displayed. To get app id I am using QRS API. After getting app id I am able to use single API.  But the actual problem is that for all these APIs to work, a qlik ticket is required. I am able to get the ticket through Ticket API but it can be used once only. e.g. to get app id I can use that ticket but to get objects of that app I need another ticket and then if I have to get multiple charts of that app I need a ticket every time.

      Secondly, when I have displayed required charts on page, I also want to include reload functionality. Means user can manually reload an app to get latest data to be displayed. For that I am using QRS API and for that again I need ticket.

      My question is:  Is there any solution to use ticket only one time and get all these things done at once using only one ticket or is there any other solution to get these tasks done??

      I will be very thankful if any one could help.


      Waiting for your suggestions,

      Abdul Rahman