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    Dataconnection security rule

    Halmar Heijnen

      Hi All,


      I want to hide the "Admin" dataconnections (ServerLogFolder etc...) for the normal users, so only the Administrators can see them. The usertype "Developer" may see only the "Data" connections I did the following steps:


      1. I made a custom property "ConnectionType" with the values "Admin" and "Data".


      2. I gave the dataconnections the right connectiontype value.


      3. I create a security rule with the following properties:

      - Resourcefilter: DataConnection_*

      - Conditions: ((user.@usertype="Developer" and user.@connectiontype="Data"))

      - Context: Only in hub

      - Actions: Read


      But it is not working. They are still available.... I hope someone can help.


      Thanks in advance!