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    Single-signon example?


      Let's say I have an ASP or ASP.net web site and I want people to log into the site. Then, because they're already authenticated, I want their authentication details to be passed on when they request a QlickView document on, for example, a different page on the same web site.

      Can anyone give or point me at an example on how to do this? I can't find anything in the downloadable documentation about it.


        • Single-signon example?
          Stefan Bäckstrand

          This can be achieved with the help of ticketing against QVS. Review the Reference Manual for QVS for examples on how to do this, specifically looking for the GetTicket and GetTicketForMe methods in the API.

            • Single-signon example?

              Hi Stefan,

              thanks for the reply. I'm not sure I understand how ticketing actually works, so would appreciate it if you could tell me if my understanding is correct:

              1. I have a Qlikview Server on the local network and it is joined to the domain. It is configured to use DMS Authorization. For documents a user should see, I manually enter that user's details under the document's Authorization tab (at the moment I have local users set up on the web server, and then specify them manually under a document's Authorization tab on the Qlikview Server, and this seems to work fine).
              2. The Qlikview Web server machine is in the DMZ and is not joined to the domain. The Qlikview Web Server also runs IIS.
              3. The QlikView Server itself doesn't authenticate the user. So I need an asp or aspx web site set up in IIS on the web server which requires the user to log in. When the user logs in, his username and password are validated against, for example, a database. Once a user successfully logs in, his username or user ID is "remembered" by the web site in memory, i.e. in his session state.
              4. The Qlikview Web Server now passes the user's ID to the Qlikview server (using the GetTicket VBscript example on page 178 of the reference manual), and because the Qlikview Web Server has authenticated the user, the Qlikview Server gives the user access to the document(s) the same user has been authorized to see in step 1 above.

              Is this correct?



              • Single-signon example?
                CLEVER MARCIO ANJOS

                I have the same need (single signon between an ASP app and Qlikview Server) and its not working

                I've read the QVS manual and here what I've done

                1) I've put the IIS Account under Qlikview Administrators Group

                2) Put the QVS to DMS mode

                3) I used the code below to get ticket

                var client = Server.CreateObject("QvsRemote.Client");


                var request = "<Global method='GetTicket'><UserId>" + user + "</UserId></Global>";

                var ticket = client.Execute(request);

                4) That returns me a ticket (example: D52B01C9337791F9E00929320CEB5C6153EF9795)

                5) I tried to open a document like this: