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    WARNING in Log File

    Brian Garland

      Can anyone tell me what the following warning means and if I need to take any action? This is the end of a log file from a reload task that took about 10 minuites to run. Version 9.0 SR1.

      (2009-10-12 15:13:20) Information: Closing the document.

      (2009-10-12 15:13:21) Warning: The QlikView Engine isn't responding to close command, it will be killed (Please ignore logged errors about the kill).

      (2009-10-12 15:13:21) Information: Killing the QlikView Engine. ProcessID=1304

      (2009-10-12 15:13:21) Information: Closed the QlikView Engine successfully. ProcessID=1304

      (2009-10-12 15:13:21) Information: Initializing (0), Finished (890)

      (2009-10-12 15:13:21) Information: Reload completed successfully.

      (2009-10-12 15:13:21) Warning: The task "Reload of Under Development\FG Create Daily QVD Files.qvw" finished with warnings. WarningCount=1