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    Issue with SAP BW connector with Qlikview: text read as numeric



      I am using Qlikview 11.20 and the SAP BW connector to extract data from a BW table. It work most of the time, but I have funny behaviors some time;


      Here is the query:




        [/BIC/ZC_MAT] as ZC_MAT,

        [TXTMD] as TXT;

      SQL Select /BIC/ZC_MAT TXTMD from /BIC/TZC_MAT;


      this query is working, but some values in ZC_MAT are incorrectly fetched. This field is a product number and it does not follow any rule. i could be made of letter, sign number or all of it.

      And I have a problem with the following values:


      01246889  fetched as 1246889   >>> I can fix it using Text([/BIC/ZC_MAT]) as ZC_MAT,

      217-  fetched as -217  >>> I cannot find a solution.  Seems Qlikview sees it a negative numeric


      The worse if that I have another material with code -217 so I cannot differentiate them in Qlikview


      Any idea how I could resolve this issue?

      I tried a lot of things already.


      Thank you