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    Java rendering error

      Hi everyone,

      I just wanted to introduce myself to the forum. I'm a new QV user and have been wading through the learning curve of the server setup for the Small Business Server. Up front, I just wanted to say thank you for many of your previous answers to posts. They've helped me get nearly up and running.

      My first post question is in regard to a Java rendering problem. I have a couple document that I developed (originally in the personal 9.0 edition) which are now loaded on the server. They render perfectly in IE (activex and java) but I'm getting a blank/gray screen showing just the main tab in FireFox. I have 2 older 8.5 documents which render correctly in both IE and FireFox. Not sure if this has anything to do with it.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated as I couldn't find any post in this regard.


        • Java rendering error

          I just wanted to post the fix for this problem. After many hours of troubleshooting and some eventual good help from 3rd line support (thanks Brett) we finally figured out that the background image I was using was causing the "rendering" problem. I was using a 3MB bitmap image for the background. Converting it to a png resolved this issue (not sure if it was the size, or the format that caused the problem).

          Apparently the bitmap image somehow "blocked" the viewing of the document using the Java applet (IE plugin and client app worked perfectly). The document actually loaded but presented just a gray screen. Creating a new tab proved that we could view the document, but clicking back on the main tab presented the gray screen and resulted in a locked up doc.

          Hope this saves someone else a lot of trouble.

          Applies to: 9.00.7257.6 SR1

          • Java rendering error
            Rakesh Mehta

            Do you have any buttons on the main page? Especially transparent buttons? They seems to act differently when using java plugin.

              • Java rendering error

                I did have some transparent buttons on the document (clear, forward and back). Brett seemed to remember something rendering an issue with certain object types and the background image. Perhaps that's what you're referring to. I didn't take it any further in testing as using a png background image works perfectly.