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    QlikView Server 9 Access Point not working

    Igor Alcantara

      I installed QlikView Server 6 Relase 1 (latest) in a Windows 2008 32 bits server.The server name is qvs-qlikview, the browser is Internet Explorer 8 and I have .Net Framework installed and updated with the latest service packs.

      I setup the licenses and everything else but I am facing a few problems with Access Point.

      Locally in the server if I go to http://localhost/qlikview I can see the list of documents. Also If I click on the little icon on the top a pop-up menu shows up with the options: IE Plugin, Java, Ajax, etc. IE Plugin is enable. However, if I try to open the documents (via IE Plugin) the url that access point redirects me (http://localhost/QvAJAXZfc/AccessPoint.aspx?open=&id=QVS@qvs-qlikview%7CTest.qvw&client=Plugin) does not work, it shows me a blank page.

      However, if I type in http://localhost/qvplugin/opendoc.htm?document=Test.qvw I can see the qvw, so this is working.

      So, Problem #1: Why the original url from Access Point is not working and it is only giving me a blank page?

      Now let's see what happens if I try the same from a different pc, in the same network and same domain.

      In this case I trype in http://qvs-qlikview/qlikview/ and I can see the list of the documents. If I click on the little icon on the top I can see the pop-up menu with IE Plugin, Java, Ajax, etc but all options are disable.

      If I try to type in http://qvs-qlikview/qvplugin/opendoc.htm?document=Test.qvw I cannot open the qvw. The browser gives me a dialog windows asking me to save the file (with the extension xqvw instead of qvw).

      So, Problem # 2: Why I cannot open the documents from a different pc?

      Problem # 3: Why the options from the pop-up menu are disable?


      Can anyone help me?