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    Enumerate bookmarks and change owner

      Hi all,
      i need to enumerate server bookmarks and set bookmark owner with different one, working with QlikView server, ideas?

      Thank you


        • Enumerate bookmarks and change owner

          Problem solved.

          I've used an aspx page that call the XS webservice and created a button in the application that launch the aspx page, see example code


          XS.WebServiceHelper2 l_XSWS = new XS.WebServiceHelper2();
          l_XSWS.UseDefaultCredentials = true;
          //l_XSWS.Url = "";
          XS.RequestEDXResult result = l_XSWS.RequestEDX2(EDXJOB, true, EDXPWD);
          if (result.StartJobResult != XS.eStartJobResult.JobWasSuccessfullyStarted)
          TextBox1.Text = "Failed to start : " + result.StartJobResult.ToString();