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    QV server 9.0 SR1 - NTFS security problem


      We're running a new QV Server 9.0 SR1 solution by a customer, and going from a 8.5 to a 9.0 solution has caused a problem with the accesscontrol (NTFS).

      In the accesspoint everything works fine for users that explicitly has been given access-rigths, but for users and documents that are handled by AD-group EVERYONE, that should give accessrights to all CAL-user, nothing works as it did in 8.5. That is: the user can't see the document in the accesspoint. That wasn't a problem in 8.5, but it's a problem i 9.0.

      Is it a bug i qvs 9.0 SR1 - or do we have to handle the access to all-situation different in 9.0?