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    Circular References

    Rayna Curtis

      I am 99.9% sure I know the answer to this, but I just need a few of the resident experts to sanity check me and say I am right before I take it to my company owner.


      We have a table that contains clients, and clients are essentially the "hub" of a wheel-like data model.  Clients can have reservations, scbookings and cmbookings.  All three of these are stored in separate tables, and each of these tables is, essentially, like a spoke on that wheel. 


      Then each of these three tables can have folios attached.


      There is no way to load the folio table only once, right?  Because if I go from client to the three tables and then try and go from all three of those tables back into one single folio table, I'll get a circular reference.  From the research I have done, the recommended method is to load that folio table three times, which is actually what I am doing, but the table is huge (many millions of records) for some of my users and loading it three times crashes their machines due to lack of resources, so we were trying to find a way to load it only once.


      Any assistance is much appreciated.