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    Create a single-access (web Portal) for QVW applications



      I am trying to know how it is possible to create a portal(Web page) to have a single-access for all applications in an Enterprise Server. My idea is to have an access web page where the users find the links for their applications.

      I saw in the QVS Reference Manual that there is a default directory 'C:\Program Files\QlikView\Webpages' where we can put a web page which can be accessed througth the URL 'http://<server>/QlikView/'.

      Also, different links can be define with '<a href='showdocument.htm?width=1000&height=700&document=Presidents.qvw'>Presidents</a>'

      (Presidents is an example).

      I want to know if someone has already done something like this and if what i think is right.