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    Difference in last month value

      Hi all,


      I am using two different expressions like below:


      1. To get the count of last month in KPI. Getting value as 5430.

      count({$<MonthPeriod= {"$(=Month(AddMonths(Today(),-1)))"}, DateType= {'invitation'}>} invitation_id)


      2. This measure in line graph which shows the values of months. in this graph for the last month value it's showing value as 5428.

      Count({$<DateType = {'invitation'},MonthPeriod = {"<$(=Max(MonthPeriod))"}>}invitation_id)


      As i am showing the value of same month it should be same, but it is mismatch.

      Correct count/value is = 5428.

      Finding difficulty to find where i am doing wrong.


      Monthperiod is a field created using load script.

      Month(weekend(CanonicalDate)) as MonthPeriod


      I tried with Max(MonthPeriod)-1 it's not working because monthperiod is like 'Dec' but this gives output as 11.


      In 1 I am getting wrong count any one please help on this.