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    ignore selection on list box other value

    Brijesh Maurya



      I Am Creating an Variable For QTD , YTD , MTD and WTD.




      if([%Period_Type]='WTD', 'WeekID={"$(=Max(WeekID)-1)"},Date={"<=$(=Max(Date))"},[Day (#)]=,[Week#]=,Month=',

      if([%Period_Type]='MTD', 'MonthID={"$(=Max(MonthID))"},Date={"<=$(=Max(Date))"},[Day (#)]=,Week#=',

      if([%Period_Type]='QTD','FiscalYear={"$(=Year(Max(FiscalYear)))"},QuarterID={"$(=Max(QuarterID))"},Date={"<=$(=Max(Date))"},FiscalMonth=,[Day (#)]=,MonthlyWeekNumber=',

      if([%Period_Type]='YTD','FiscalYear={"$(=Max(FiscalYear))"},Date={"<=$(=Max(Date))"},FiscalQuarter=,FiscalMonth=,[Day (#)]=,MonthlyWeekNumber=',








      I have a List box Value as Flag Containing Values .. Like Primary A, Primary B , Secondary B.

      I Have a Exp for 3 KPI


      fabs(Num(SUM( {$<$(vCurrentSet),Flag = {'Primary A}>}Sales)))


      fabs(Num(SUM( {$<$(vCurrentSet),Flag = {'Primary B'}>}Sales)))


      fabs(Num(SUM( {$<$(vCurrentSet),Flag = {'Secondary B'}>}Sales)))


      But when i am selecting list box field. Other Kpi Value get Change .. How to Avoid this...