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    QV9 Server Reload Memory Leak?

    Mark McCoid

      I've been testing QV9 Server on a 64 bit machine and have not had any issues until I started to implement our reload scheme in this new version.

      We have a number of QVW files that create QVD files that subsequent QVWs are dependant upon. When I set up this "chain" of files to load I'm seeing the QlikView Distribution service keep using memory until our server bogs down so much I need to kill the service.

      The database is small that I'm working with and loading the files via a batch file load works fine.

      Here is what the reload looks like in the QEMC


      I also can't see all the files I have in this load. I'm wondering if there is a limit to the amount of nesting that can take place.

      Curious if anyone else has seen this type of memory issue in QV 9 during reloads.

      Thanks for any info.