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    Use date variable in measure



      I want to count in a diagram the customers, which a special date like this: count({<Date={'30.11.2016'}>} Name)

      Now I want to change '30.11.2016' to a variable which is created in load script.

      So I tried to change it this way: Count({<Date={$(vMinDate)} >} Name)

      But it doesn't work and I don't understand the reason. If I use a textbox to show vMinDate, I just use: (vMaxDate)

      and it says 30.11.2016.


      What's wrong?

        • Re: Use date variable in measure
          Marcus Sommer

          For this you need single-quotes around your variable: Count({<Date={'$(vMinDate)'} >} Name) and the format from the variable needs to be exactly the same like this from field Date. This meant '30.11.2016' won't match with 42704 or '2016/11/30' or others.

          - Marcus