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    QlikView Server 9 reload's

      hello everyone:

      I have a doubt with QlikView Server 9 reload's, actually i need to do a sort of reload job to execute files one after another within a time frame just setting the time of the first file but i just have a Server licence and not a publisher one, so i can't use new function triggers task. How i can manage to do this??

      Please Help

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        • QlikView Server 9 reload's
          Mark McCoid


          I've also need to do this and the way that you do it withOUT a publisher license is messy.

          Go into the Qlikview Mangement Console and then to the User Documents tab. You will see all your documents.

          Click on the document that you want to start your reload "chain" and then in the right hand window click on the reload tab and set it to start reloading at the time you desire.

          Now choose the file that you want to load AFTER this first one finishes and click on the radio button "On event of another". Choose finished and then select the file you want it to follow from the list.

          Make sure to hit APPLY after every change!!

          I hope there is a better way to make dependant loads, because if you ever want to change the order you have to go through all the files again.

          If anyone knows of a better way, let us all know!!