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    Display the best error rate based on a minimum number of surveys

    Frank Casella



      I'm trying to display the standard deviation of quality results for a group of associates while also excluding those associates that have not had a minimum of 25 surveys.


      the expression to determine accuracy is Sum({$<ERR_IND={1}>}DISTINCT_SURVEY)/SUM(DISTINCT_SURVEY)


      To determine the minimum value, I've used STDEV(AGGR(Sum({$<ERR_IND={1}>}DISTINCT_SURVEY)/SUM(DISTINCT_SURVEY),Associate_ID))


      How do I exclude Associate_ID where the DISTINCT_SURVEY is < 25? More specifically, if I use the following IF statement to set the calculated expression to NULL when there are less than 25 records, will the standard deviation ignore the null values and calculate correctly?  I'm assuming it would, as I've seen several posts asking how to get stdev to include null values, but wanted to be certain and to doublecheck the expression syntax.