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    RequireJS necessary in Qlik Sense Mashup

    Peter Cappelle



      At the moment i'm building my own Qlik Sense mashup with hypercubes (Angular way).

      By default requireJS is one of the things that is provided by Qlik Sense if you make a new mashup, but is it really necessary to use? I would rather like to use a good written Gulp file that concat & minify my controllers, modules, directives into one file.

      on my development side i just want to try and learn AngularJS, but somehow requireJS is always giving me unwanted trouble.


      There is an example here: Service Charges of a mashup made on top of the Qlik Sense engine and if you drill into the code there is no requireJS used. That's why i have the previous question 'Is there a way to let the requireJS out of my code'?