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    Setup Working Set Limits

      Hi, I m working for Telecom Argentina and we had implemented the Qlik View Server 8.5. During the last months we have noticed that the qvserver logged 2 types of errors in its events:

      Server aborted trying to recover by restart. Reason for restart: Internal inconsistency, type D, detected.

      Server aborted trying to recover by restart. Reason for restart: Internal inconsistency, type A, detected.

      I was reading about this errors and I found that the principal resons of them is problems with the memory Server.

      The server is a 4 doble core with 64GB or Ram. But in the Working Set Limits has the default configuration:

      Low Limit: 70

      High Limit: 90

      Cache: 20

      Can someone tell me the best configuration fom our server? What is the meaning of this tips?


      Thank You.


        • Setup Working Set Limits
          Gustav Guldberg


          I don't think anyone will be able to give you the best configuration since there are so many factors that comes into play.

          "Type-A" would be related to memory and changing the working set limits could help.
          From what I've seen, you will get this error in the events.log when there are other applications on the server competing for memory (SQL server, reloads etc). I would keep the cache at 10% but lower low/high to 50/70 and see if that helps. You can also try to set the QVS service to start "manually" and let other application grab whatever resources they need before QVS is started.
          Do you see any warning and errors in the event viewer?

          "Type-D" is most likely a bug and you should be able to get the same error in QVS.exe and QV.exe.
          Make sure you're running the latest release, 8.50 SR6 (QVS, QVD, Pub & Plugin) and see if that resolves the issue (8.50.6326).
          If you still see this issue after the upgrade, please get in touch with QlikView Support.




            • Setup Working Set Limits

              Thank You Gustav. I'm going to change the limits.

              I had the same count of error for Type-A and Type-D, In fact, allways that appear in the event log the "Type-A", after it appear the "Type-B". In another way, in our server is only running the QVS and the OS (windows server 2k3), so the qvs doesn´t have to share the memory with another applications.

              Thank you again for the suggestion, I'm going to change the tip's parameters and i'm going to tall how it works on the next week.



            • Setup Working Set Limits
              Gustav Guldberg

              Hi again,

              I failed to mention that you have to restart the server after this.
              Keep an eye on the Windows Event Viewer after you've started the QVS service.