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    Macro parsing failed and the functionality was lost (its in Qlickview server)


      Hi All,

      I have one Qv document from where i am calling other QV documents through macro.

      And my macro is as below,

      Sub Absorption

      dim SelectedReportPath

      set mySelections = ActiveDocument.fields("DESCRIPTION").GetPossibleValues
      'Only if one selection is done
      if mySelections.Count = 1 then
      set FileName = ActiveDocument.fields("PATH").GetPossibleValues
      SelectedReportPath = FileName.Item(0).text
      Set App = ActiveDocument.GetApplication
      Set newdoc = App.Opendoc (SelectedReportPath,"","")
      End if
      End Sub

      This one is working proper in Qlickview developer.

      But when I am putting them in QV server its throwing one error, the error is " Macro parsing failed, the functionality was lost"?

      Will some one please help me out saying what i am missing here?

      Thanks In Advance,