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    Qlikview Publisher 8.20 distribution error?


      I'm getting a strange error during distribution to accesspoint, however distribution finishes successfully.

      Can anyone tell me what this is?

      2009-10-26 06:43:01 Normal Information Starting task "my-distr-job"

      2009-10-26 06:43:34 Normal Error Can't create a distribute builder, distribution can't be performed Exception=System.Exception: AddIDSItemsToDistributionTree failed, can't complete DistributeBuilder constructor. at XSMain.DistributeBuilder..ctor(Int32 i_ParentLogID) at XSMain.DistributeTask.InternalExecute()
      2009-10-26 06:43:34 Normal Information The task my-distr-job finished successfully

      Kind regards,