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    Ignoring Selection Except 1 Field in Fractile Expression

    Zach Paz

      Hi All,


      I have been digging through the community threads and have not been able to find a solution that combines a few expressions that I need. Any help is greatly appreciated.


      I have an expression working right now that ignores all selections in the document. It creates a decile table for one field (Past_Year_Inq). It takes into account a few variables that are set by the user in the QVW (market, distance radius).


      =fractile({1<cip=>}aggr(nodistinct sum({1<cip=,market={$(#vBaseline_Market)},[Distance Radius]={$(#vBaseline_Radius)}>}Past_Year_Inq),cip),Percentiles)


      I need to add the ability for this table to change based on a selection made in a field named Award Level.

      Thanks in advance!