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    ie plugin mode -> local (.qvw)

    chanhee lee

      1.PNG1. accesspoint plugin - (a) newly created object

      2.PNG2. local client qvw

      Is there a way to get the (a) objects made from the accesspoint to the client ?

      ref> I already used "QvServerObjectConnector" but it didn't work

      "QvServerObjectConnector" only got the information from shared files

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          Settu Periyasasamy


          Are you talking about sharing your object (which is created by you) in the Access point to other User?

          Not sure, But You can try like, Click  "Share Objects " in Access Point. Left hand side, Shared Object window Panewill appear. Right Click your object and share it.

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            Peter Cammaert

            Yes there is.


            • Start QV Desktop.
            • Open the AccessPoint document using File->Open in Server... You may have to enter correct credentials if you are opening a document from another user. The server object(s) you need will be displayed only in the document version of the user that either created/or imported them from the repository.
            • Open your local document using File->Open
            • You now have three windows in your QV Desktop. Close the Start Page and arrange the others by selecting Window->Tile
            • Goto the Server document and select the object you want to transfer. From the rightmousebutton menu select Edit->Copy to Clipboard->Object (or press Ctrl-C)
            • Move to the local document window and select Paste (or press Ctrl-V).


            You can also select multiple objects and copy them wioth a single action. Note that all objects will be pasted on the current sheet in the exact same location as in the server document.


            See also here: Merge Server Object into QVW