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    Using $-Sign Expansion

    Christoph Hebig

      Hi there,


      as the tutorial tells me, i should be able to select values even when i use these field in set Analysis. My Formula looks like this:


      sum({$<Name = {'RPL*'}>}x)


      My graph is a linechart with Time and Name as Dimensions and this formula above as Measure


      Time is standard time field

      x are Numbers

      Name got some Names like RPL_01, RPL_02, SCD_01, etc


      So now i Select RPL_01 in my graph (via Legend of Name), because i only want to see this specific line, but when i accept the selection,

      my graph does not change. The Selection is in the selectionbar at the top of the window but my graph did not change.


      Am i doing something wrong or did i missunderstand anything of the tutorial?

      Please help me.


      Kind Regards



      P.S.: PFA picture before & after selection and some testdata (these are not the original data due to data-safety) !