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    Problem with the translation of an expression

      Hi everyone ,

      I post this as i'm encoutering kind of a problem with an expression In qlikview.

      I ve been searching in the other posts but havn't seen an answer to my problem at the moment.

      So let me show you: I have this table in Excel that i'd like to get in Qlikview to do a waterfall


      Actually, i know how to do a waterfall but i need some help translating formulas for "crecen" which is " Increasing", for "decrecen" that is " decreasing"," nuevos" for "new one" and "perdidos" for " those that were lost"

      In my script, i have this as fixed:












      In excel, i have for:

      - "crecen" =IF(E2>0;E2;"") that i translated with "IF(Sum({<vPeriodo>}IMPORTE)-sum({$<$(vMesAnterior)>}IMPORTE) >>0,Sum({<vPeriodo>}IMPORTE)-sum({$<$(vMesAnterior)>}IMPORTE) )"

      - "decrecen" =IF(E7<0;E7;"") that i translated with "IF(Sum({<vPeriodo>}IMPORTE)-sum({$<$(vMesAnterior)>}IMPORTE) <<0,Sum({<vPeriodo>}IMPORTE)-sum({$<$(vMesAnterior)>}IMPORTE) )"

      - "perdidos" =IF(C2=0;E2;"") that i translated with "IF(Alt(Sum({<vPeriodo>}IMPORTE), 0),Sum({<vPeriodo>}IMPORTE)-sum({$<$(vMesAnterior)>}IMPORTE))"

      - " nuevos" =IF(D16=0;SI(E16>0;E16;"");"") that i translated with "if(Alt(Sum({$<$(vMesAnterior)>}IMPORTE), 0),IF(Sum({<vPeriodo>}IMPORTE)-sum({$<$(vMesAnterior)>}IMPORTE) >>0,Sum({<vPeriodo>}IMPORTE)-sum({$<$(vMesAnterior)>}IMPORTE) ))"


      But at the moment, any of these formulas are working as they re supposed to...

      Have i made a mystake?

      Thank you for your attention,


      Best regards,


      Arno Cacciaguerra